Music Education: Piano Lessons and Music Theory

Whether you planned to take on the journey of learning a musical instrument, or music just seemed to find you, your musical education will absolutely be exciting, fulfilling, and give you a real sense of achievement.

My musical start was unplanned, but I soon realised that it was something I wanted to continue. At first, I self-taught piano and this continued for a few years. However, I realised that I would need lessons to further my ability to allow me to play the way I truly wanted.

This will likely be the case for you; working with a music tutor will allow you to grasp good principles and technique and allow your playing to become easier and more natural.

To increase your understanding of the music that you play, music theory is also a must! Basic music theory is included in piano lessons with me, however, you may also choose to have lessons focusing on just theory to further accelerate your musical knowledge.

Zoom piano lessons with me from the comfort of your own home are available in 30 minute or one hour sessions, conducted at a pace that suits you as we work to help you understand the practical principles and ideas of piano in a simple way. Music theory lessons are also available in 30 or 45 minute sessions, covering all aspects of theory up to Grade 5. ABRSM exams are also available online via Skype or Zoom. Lessons at my studio or in your home will also be available as and when it is safe to do so.